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Worship & Holy Communion: 4 p.m. Sunday
Meeting at Gateway Church
4312 W Kennewick Ave, Kennewick, WA 99336

We are a Church with a Vision

We have a vision to be a vibrant church family that shares the Good News of life in Jesus Christ to all. A place of healing, serving, and growing together in Christ. Our mission is to Love God, Love People, Share Jesus and Make Disciples.


We are an International Church.


In our small congregation, in addition to just “run of the mill” Americans (Is there really such a thing?), we have people from Jamaica, Israel, Philippines, Lebanon, Kuwait, Sudan, North Africa, Mexico and Honduras to name some. In addition some of us grew up in northern part of the country and some of us are quite at home using a southern drawl when necessary. God has brought us together from various parts of the world because in Christ there is only one Church.

We are a Creedal Church


Everyone believes something, and so do we. We hold to the ancient basic creeds of the church as stated in Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds. Doctrinally, we hold to the Anglican “Thirty-Nine Articles of Faith”, historically held by all the faithful within our tradition and are members of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GAFCON) who support the 2008  “Jerusalem Declaration“.

We are a Biblical Church.  


On any given Sunday you can expect to hear readings from the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms and the Gospel. We engage Scripture with our minds and hearts, willing to question and be taught by the Scriptures. We know that everyone has a final authority to which they turn for truth and stability. For us, that source is the Bible, God’s Word.

We are a Liturgical Church. 


We follow a set order to our worship service every week. In that sense, every church, regardless of denomination is liturgical. Liturgy simply refers to a pre-set order of things. Even most sporting events follow a pre-set order.  The order of our worship and the content of our worship tell the story of the what went wrong with the world and how God, in Christ, has set in motion the process of making things right.

We are an Eucharistic Church.


Holy Communion is also called The Lord’s Supper, The Lord’s Table, The Mass, The Jesus Meal, and The Eucharist. These terms are interchangeable. The word Eucharist means, “thanksgiving.” We celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly as an act of joyous gratitude. We believe in the REAL PRESENCE of Christ in the bread and wine. Yes, it still tastes like bread and it still tastes like wine but it is what our Savior said it is as well, "This is my body which is given for you...this cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you."

We are a Sanctity of Life Church.

The Bible teaches that as we are all made in the image and likeness of God, that every human life is sacred.  We respect and revere every human life, from the moment of conception until natural death.

We are a Historical Church.


Some mistakenly trace our origin back to Henry VIII when he broke with Rome for less than biblical reasons. More accurately, our roots can be traced back to Augustine of Canterbury in AD 597 and St. Alban in 3rd Century England and further back to Celtic Christianity in the Ireland-Scotland-England area. Also, did you know that 32 of the 56 signers of our Declaration of Independence were Anglicans? Our history is not one of “johnnies-come-lately”. We’ve been in the game, so to speak, for a while. We are a member of GAFCON, a global group of Traditional Anglican churches representing 60 million Christ loving members.


We are not a perfect community; we are all learners who are capable of failure, carelessness, of hurting, and being hurt. Yet, it is our goal to bear the light of the good news of the glory of Jesus Christ, who is the image of God. So we are also capable of being a great blessing to one another and everyone around us.


Whether you are adult or child, married or single, or how many doubts or questions you may have; come and check us out. We are not the largest church in town but we love Jesus and proclaim His life changing message of eternal life and hope. Christ has died! Christ has risen! Christ will come again!

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